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That nigga Rashad finally dropped his sequal to 95’ with Part III. He spazzed on this track by the way.

39 plays

Just a little venting. Something for your enjoyment.

Weak Shit dawg (Just the black kid in his jean jacket)

Word up to The PUSH Crew and YNS… Stay black people… Enjoy the video

Fake Trill single… Like Dat sooooooooon like

Brian Cameron aka Frank rapping them raps back in the day… I think..

Frank again… he be fucking flowing bruh

The other Frank with the beats..

Black Guy & Frank

Chris Calor with dem beats to.. He still lightskin though

Downlpoad Fake Trill.. EP sooooooon like

The homie Mr. Dee Sanders with the good vibes and shit follow his twitter @mrdeesanders


Ride to it nigga..

Get It Live… Was fucking crazyyyyyy PUSH The House YNS